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The Invisible Enemy

So what are we looking at now?

The world hypnotised and paralysed by a giant illusion. By the fear of a virus that isn’t a virus that you can ‘catch’ simply by fearing it.

As more and more exosomes rush out to defend your body against the toxic shock, by trying to help you, they cannot help but condemn you. Because in the eyes of the all-embracing test, they are not your friends. They are the enemy.

And so a war is declared against this new invisible enemy. And like the war on terror, the war on “the virus” will be an endless war. And you will need to be endlessly “vaccinated” against it.

Every year you will roll up your sleeve and gladly take the shot. It is your social duty. Not to do so would be a crime against the community.

But what if you’d known? What if someone had told you that the invisible enemy are really your invisible friends? Would you have believed it? Would it have been enough?

“But the virus. It kills people.”
No. The virus isn’t a virus. The virus isn’t an “it.” “But people are dying of it.”
No. There is no “it.” “It” doesn’t exist.

Perhaps it’s too much to hope for.
But if only you had known. If only you had listened.

Because the truth is, you never stood a chance of catching a deadly virus. The only real virus was a pandemic of pure insanity.

That’s what you were infected with when you sat there, meek and compliant, and actually let them push the needle into your arm.

After all the chemicals you sanitised your hands with and the face masks you starved your brain with; after all the antisocial-distancing between friends and family…

After all those efforts to stop “it” getting in…and then what did you do?

That first shot was the first “it” that came close. You even saw it in the syringe. You didn’t breathe it in. It didn’t get inside through your mouth or your nose. It got inside through a hollow needle pierced through your skin. And you didn’t even try to stop it.

Ever since then, your invisible friends the exosomes have been working harder and harder with every year that passes, defending your cells against the multiplying “it.” But the harder they work, the more visible they make themselves, lending only more proof to the all-embracing test that the war on the virus has only just begun.

"The Virus"

An Appeal To Sanity

A confidential document of a society just a substrata removed from our own, and a handy pocketbook of Truth and Delusion.

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Faith & Assumption

The genetic sequences they threaded together like guesses on a string are in fact random products of the human metabolism, not the genome of a virus…

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