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Letter to Paul Craig Roberts

19th April 2020

[Written in response to the following subject heading and link]

Re: “This Is What Happens When There Is a Rush to Lift Lockdowns”

Dear Paul,

As one of the world’s foremost state propaganda machines, it is the BBC’s duty to drive the narrative and to uphold it. The “second wave” is just the next and very predictable chapter in the script, and it doesn’t take too much insight to understand the objective of it.

I’m disappointed to see you promoting stories like these. It only gives a helping hand to the perpetrators of the operation, whose purpose is to keep us locked down and isolated until we are all “vaccinated” with their final solution.

You are right to draw the connections between Big Pharma, Bill Gates and the WHO, yet there is a strange disconnect between important observations like those and a persistent belief in “the virus” as an extraordinarily deadly agent. You are not alone in clinging to this fundamental misapprehension. Many in the so called “alternative media” are equally convinced by it. However, I respectfully suggest that this is root cause of your confusion and theirs, together with – it would seem – a failure to grasp how the forces behind this agenda actually operate.

“The virus” is an extremely tenacious hypnotic device – a very effective tool of mind control. Even if it weren’t for the fact that the PCR test (which nobody questions) is diagnostically invalid and fraudulently interpreted – and even if it weren’t for the fact that the numbers have been massively over-inflated as a direct result of its use – the graphs, stats, and numerical data clearly show that “the virus” is not extraordinary in the least, and no more deadly than a dose of seasonal flu.

While this fact has been acknowledged by some, they stop short of asking why the figures are being demonstrably manipulated. What need would there be if this was a genuinely deadly virus?

A real investigative approach would lead one to question the reality of the virus itself. Unfortunately, blinded by their preconceptions, that’s a question that occurs to very few journalists of any description. This is not journalism. It’s more akin to superstitious belief.

In the meantime, the open minded investigative approach has been taken on by certain medical professionals (who ought to know a thing or two about viruses) and as a result of some meticulous research by an independent minded doctor, Andrew Kaufman, M.D., there is clear evidence to suggest that this non-deadly “virus” is not actually a virus at all.

It’s all outlined in the document I sent you one week ago on the 12th April, entitled, “The Virus” – An Appeal To Sanity. I asked you at the time if you would be so kind as to help me circulate it, and I’d like to take this opportunity to ask you again. Frankly, it would be of more help and benefit to people in search of truth than links to BBC propaganda.

There’s a major lack of awareness, among people who like to describe themselves as “awake,” of the kind of minds that are in control of the world right now. To understand their methods, it’s instructive to understand how psychopaths think. As I’ve written in my “appeal to sanity,” mind control is the psychopath’s raison d’être. In fact, control in its totality is the psychopath’s aim. A real virus, released deliberately, is unpredictable and therefore not possible to control. Whereas, if the perception of a virus can be planted in the minds of the world, its progress – including a “second wave” – is eminently controllable. It’s just a matter of writing the script and leveraging the full power of all the institutions at your disposal to sustain the illusion.

You have occasionally posted a link here and there to a Jon Rappoport article. I would encourage you to spend more time reading his work and to take seriously his central assertions. I have quoted some of these in the document I sent you, and they are confirmed by the conclusions of Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s research.

Here is the link to it again. 

“The Virus” – An Appeal To Sanity:

I hope you will read it and help me to share the information with anyone willing to consider it. I believe it’s very important to examine all possibilities, rather than clinging to an assumption that may itself be an obstacle to clear sightedness.

Kind regards,

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The genetic sequences they threaded together like guesses on a string are in fact random products of the human metabolism, not the genome of a virus…

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