In the future we saw coming but failed to pre-

vent, we live isolated in cells, and the only

reliable source of information – for anyone

still conscious enough to use it – is our own

intuition. In a climate saturated with “nec

essary” particles and frequencies, this is a

challenge more demanding than the gurus of

the old world ever faced. And yet, as if drawn

from a spring of ancient memory, a few souls

carry forth a guiding light through the

transbiological fog…                

In a psychoanalyst’s office,

somewhere near the subsurface, a

routine consultation reveals much

more than one man’s battle to break

free of the operating system. In a

climate where everything is recorded

— and not just the conversation —

we are the Red Tape eavesdroppers,

listening in on a psycho-spiritual

nosedive into the mind of the Machine.

Zed is a confidential document of

a society just a substrata removed from

our own, and a handy pocketbook of

Truth and Delusion.

What's this got to do with "unsanity"?

What is unsanity anyway?

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