Faith & Assumption

The genetic sequences they threaded together like guesses on a string are in fact random products of the human metabolism, not the genome of a virus…

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Epidemiological Illogical

The antibody test does not detect a SARS CoV-2 specific antibody. What it detects is the most common kind of antibody – antibodies that have been with us for millennia…

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The Invisible Enemy

So what are we looking at now? The world hypnotised and paralysed by a giant illusion. By the fear of a virus that isn’t a virus that you can ‘catch’ simply by fearing it…

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Letter to Paul Craig Roberts

A real virus is unpredictable. If the perception of a virus can be planted in the minds of the world, its progress – including a “second wave” – is eminently controllable…

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A World Made Of Art

For the guardians of normal, a revolution driven by art is the most dreaded kind of popular uprising. For that reason, nothing is left to chance…

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..The nightly gun violence has become little more than a guessing game: was that the sound of a 9mm or a 22 caliber? It’s all just a normal part of the fabric.

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Shaking Off Flies

The chief of the Stasi, Erich Mielke had one overriding ambition: “to know everything about everyone.” For his authoritarian successors the ambition never faded…

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