Dreams From the Hive on
Dystopia's Doorstep

“Tiny had never seen so much loneliness. Before he came to the city, he wouldn’t have believed it possible for a person to be lonely among so many other people. But with a screen in every pocket, the people were also connected. They were connected like never before. These monster humans had felt like little people for long enough, but together they were not so powerless.

They didn’t have a leader and they didn’t have a plan; like the bees, they were simply guided by their instincts. And their instincts were crying out for freedom, because the dreams they were being sold were not their own. They were false dreams and the little people were waking up from them.

Their dreams were not for sale.”


A really gripping first novel. Full of inventive charm and under laced with a powerful message to pay attention to the little things. Very original. I look forward to the next one…


I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this book, but I must say it was a great pleasure to be pulled ‘down the rabbit hole’ into its intriguing world…Whilst funny and highly entertaining – a real ‘page turner’ – this book has a backbone – a core set of themes with an inherent message. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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